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  1. 68 pages of world-class training, tips and advice in each issue
  2. 12 month subscription (6 Editions) to Executive PA Magazine 
  3. Written and produced by trained journalists
  4. Monthly e-news service, with articles on training, career development and what’s new.
  5. Unlimited access to articles on the website
  6. Regular networking events in the UK, Australia and across Asia
  7. Member discounts to all Executive PA Magazine training courses worldwide
  8. Advance notice to Executive PA Magazine initiatives – Be first to read it!
  9. Substantial membership discount entitlements to events such as Executive PA Magazine National Awards
  10. Exclusive member special offers
  11. International affiliation to Australia and Asia - recognised Worldwide



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One-year or two-year subscription

One year subscription is £132 

Two-year subscription £248 


Corporate subscriptions


For companies requiring multiple print and/or digital subscriptions, save time and money by combining them into one company-wide subscription. This is available for those looking for 5 copies or more.


One year corporate subscription

5 to 10 members £109 each

11 to 20 members £99 each


2 Year Corporate subscription


5 to 10 members £181 each

11 to 20 members £169 each


NB 20 member corporate subscriptions also receive two free tables of ten to the Annual Executive PA Magazine Awards


Associations and Networks


Purchase a licence and share the magazine on your website or order hard copies. Price is dependent on the volume of accounts and starts at a cost £620 Pounds per annum. For more information please contact our offices or email membership@solutionspublish.co.uk


Corporate subscription and Association Licence benefits


  1. A dedicated account manager for your account
  2. Share training and best practice with all your administrative staff, who will have access to the magazine and the training available, which encourages discussion and learning across all departments. Articles can be shared.
  3. Save time by synchronising all your current Executive PA Magazine subscriptions so that all the memberships in your organisation expire on one date
  4. Best Rates
  5. Receive only one invoice


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