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Inspiration with just a Click

Inspiration with just a Click

Switching gears is a great way to distract the mind when stuck determining a solution. A subconscious ‘eureka’ moment can come when the conscious mind is busy with something else.

That’s where the Genius Deck steps in.

On this simple site, just click on the "Flip Card" button and you're delivered a  random question or phrase like, "Take a walk."

“The Genius Deck is a tool for invoking the creative genius inside you,” the designer says. “Each card offers a question or prompt designed to provoke new directions of thought and can be used individually or reviewed as a pack.”

The website is the brainchild of Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, a student in neuroscience at Columbia University, who has conducted Alzheimer's Disease research at Columbia Medical Center in the US. She says the Genius Deck is founded in the principles of the  Oblique Strategies cards, a deck of similar cards published by British musician Brian Eno. The deck was designed to help artists beat creative blocks.

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