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Looking to save money on your printing costs?

Looking to save money on your printing costs?


Based in Boston, Lincolnshire, Red Bus Cartridges are online sellers who offer customers a cheaper, and more environmentally friendly alternative when it comes to purchasing printing supplies. The organisation specialises in recycled original laser toner cartridges, and having more than 30 years of manufacturing under their belt, this is an outfit that means business.

The Lincolnshire manufacturers, who get their name from the actual 1966 Routemaster bus that takes pride of place in their factory, also offer a full money back guarantee and ensure customers that using their products will not invalidate any printer warranty.

Previously, the Lincolnshire manufacturers had focused solely on laser toner cartridges, but recently, they have also introduced recycled original inkjet cartridges to their new and improved website, which was launched at the start of June.

When asked about the new additions, Product Manager Richard Priestley commented,

“We have listened to customer feedback and have decided to add a selection of the most popular inkjet lines to our site. As with our toner cartridges, customers can benefit from a reduced cost when purchasing our recycled original versions, without having to compromise on quality.”

As well as being a proud British manufacturer, Red Bus Cartridges also pride themselves on their sustainability.

Their remanufacturing process is very thorough. Recycled cartridges are cleaned and examined before any worn or damaged parts are replaced so that performance is not affected. The cartridges are then filled with brand new toner powder or ink before being vigorously tested and then packaged.

They source empty, used cartridges from their recycling programs before remanufacturing and selling. The cartridges that are sourced are original versions – not compatibles or counterfeits, and the company are extremely passionate about the fact that the remanufacturing process means they can offer consumers environmentally friendly alternatives to original cartridges.

“We are, and have always been committed to maintaining and improving our high environmental standards. Unlike those who manufacture compatible cartridges, sustainability is so important to us, hence, the constant efforts to reduce our carbon footprint” commented Sean Hill, the Environment Manager at Red Bus Cartridges.

Hill’s comments are justified when you consider the positive environmental effects associated with cartridge recycling. It may surprise you to hear that 97% of the materials and components in a typical toner cartridge can be re-used. Also, every time a printer cartridge is recycled, up to 1.6kg of waste is prevented from reaching landfill.

When the environmental, ethical and financial benefits associated with their recycled original inkjet and laser toners are taken into account, there is certainly a lot of sense in making the move to Red Bus Cartridges.

Looking to save money on your printing costs? Head to redbuscartridges.com today and browse their extensive range of recycled original printer cartridges.


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