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The Email Sign-off that results in the Most Replies

The Email Sign-off that results in the Most Replies


A recent study by Boomerang (an app building company for email) took a look at the various way people sign-off on both business and social emails, and noted the versions that received the most responses.

While the most used responses are "thanks", "regards" and "cheers" — the winning sign-off that scored best was "thanks in advance".

According to the study, “The difference a simple ‘thanks’ makes in getting a reply was even clearer when we compared emails with ‘thankful closings’ to all others. Emails where we detected a thankful closing saw a response rate of 62%. This compared to a response rate of 46% for emails without a thankful closing.”

Generic email sign-offs like “regards” had lower response rates. It seems that “best” was in fact the worst among popular email closings. Ending an email with “best” had the lowest average response rate when compared to other email sign-offs that appeared 1,000+ times.




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