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High Demands on Hollywood PAs

High Demands on Hollywood PAs

Admittedly, it’s expected that working for a Hollywood A-Lister would have its challenges. And the promise of a $70,000 salary might make it more appealing.

At 52 years old Mr Lowe is seeking a new PA who can tend to his needs around the clock and lift “up to 25 pounds to support the client,” according to an online description of the job, sourced by TMZ.

25 pounds??

The candidate must be prepared to “never assume anything,” “ensure that the client is fed and has coffee throughout the day,” “ensure that the client has a dinner plan if arriving home later than 8 pm in the evening,” and make sure his staff know if he “wants a jacuzzi turned on or a massage ordered for his arrival.”

Scheduling haircuts to ensure the client looks suitable for media and public appearances seems also on the cards.

It must be said though that a rep for Mr Lowe told TMZ, “This job description does not match any document pertaining to employment with Rob,” but confirmed that coffee is his number one priority in life.

Upon a second look, apart from the massage and jacuzzi, the job description looks pretty reasonable, right?




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