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When does your working day end?

When does your working day end?

The typical working day for Brits is changing - and unfortunately it’s getting longer. Where in the past we might have been working a nine-to-five working day with an hour for lunch, employees are now squeezing in nearly an extra hour and a half a day. According to new research from Merchant Gourmet the average British workers makes it to their desk by 8:28am and stays put until at least 5:29pm. They do find time to squeeze in a quick lunch break - of just 33 minutes.

One if five workers say the extra working time is as a result of pressure from bosses but perhaps employees may feel differently if they learned that those extra hours could add up to six extra years of work over the course of the average working life. The research has revealed just what the typical working day looks like for many:

  • Wake at 6:40am
  • Start thinking about the working day ahead at 7:41am
  • The average commute to the office is a whopping 21-mile round-trip
  • Get to office by 8.28am
  • Eat breakfast in front of their computer
  • Take a 33 minutes lunch break
  • Head home some time after 5.29pm



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