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The Perk Most Sought by Office Workers

A worldwide survey has identified the one key perk loved by those of us who primarily work behind a desk. Can you guess what it is?

Twickenham Networking - Reader event

On 5 July, Executive PA Magazine readers are invited to join the team at Twickenham Stadium.

Make Your Chair Height Perfect

Still haven’t embraced the heath benefits of a standing desk? OK, we forgive you. But at least make sure your chair is the correct height.

Say it the Right Way

It’s common knowledge that first impressions are made within seconds of meeting someone. But the tone of your voice can leaving an even more lasting impression, but not necessarily a good one.

Popular iPhone Calendar App to Close

Technology is a continually moving feast. A Microsoft acquired app for the iPhone is about to get a new 'Outlook'. If you use it, here’s what you need to do.

Study shows Longer Hours equal Less Productivity

If you’re spending more than 50 hours per week concerned with work, you not only risk ‘burn-out’ but you’re probably not getting any more done.

Prison-time for PA’s £264k Spending Spree

A personal assistant who doctored company credit card statements to try and conceal her incredible £264,000 spending spree  (on flights, a car, in Costco and House of Fraser) has been given a custodial sentence.

“Today's EA must be more equipped, more versatile, even more confident"

Worldwide, the role of EAs and PAs is highly regarded and recognised, as this comment from the recent Botswana office managers convention shows.

Leading Recruiter Crone Corkill to Sponsor Up & Coming Award


We are delighted to welcome leading recruiter Crone Corkill on board as our sponsor for the Up & Coming PA category for the United Kingdom Executive PA Magazine Awards for 2016

The Gender/Salary Gap

1 in 5 Human Resource managers admit women at their companies earn less than men for the same work. But there are some aspects where both genders have parity. 

One Sentence can Kill Your Career

It might have been an innocuous comment in a meeting that opened a can or worms, or a quiet observation that someone found offensive. Eitherway, an HR counselling session ensues. Here are the top 5 one-sentence career killers (and what you can do to save your job).

How the French take their Lunch Break

We could learn from this (although it might spoil lunch for the boss). The daily lunchbreak in the French workforce is often spent in the company’s own cafeteria, but one thing has changed from 20 years ago.

Stop Emailing, Start Talking

A recent survey says more than half of us think technology makes us less connected to colleagues in the real world.

Don't rely on luck to choose your professional network

networking groups professional networks associations




A nine page special report investigates the good and bad reasons for joining a professional network, what to watch out for when deciding on a network that's right for you and what questions to ask before you sign up for one.

Plus news on the only global awards for Executive Assistants.

The UK edition is out now.

The Emoji you Send might look Very Different when Received

It might be easy to sign-off a series of text messages with a simple smiley-face or thumbs-up, but there’s no guarantee that’s what the recipient sees.

The Simple Office Gadget designed to Do More

You probably use one almost everyday, but this single item from your stationery cupboard will surprise you with its versatility.

Incidental Exercise in the Office

There are those colleagues who are always at the gym, always bouncing into the office after pre-work yoga, and always having yogurt at lunchtime. And then there are the rest of us…

Morale, Attitude and Productivity by the humble Post-It Note

Apparently good office culture stems from good access to the stationery cupboard, according to a study by (you guessed it…) a stationery supplier.

Win a midweek break to Center Parcs


Participants taking part in the CenterParcs readership survey will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a midweek off-peak break in a three-bedroom woodland lodge at a Village of their choice.*

The Productive Workspace

A messy desk can make documents and important notes hard to find in a hurry. But a sterile and over-organised desk can lead to time-wasting by trying to over optimise the environment when other work should done.

The Sinful Seven

Which seven innocuous items in your office could lead to a data breach or identity theft?



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