When it comes to travel it seems money saving is still tops

New research from the ATPI Group, has found that 53 per cent of people say reducing costs is the most important factor when planning a global travel programme


Is it time to ditch the interview?

How did you land your last position? We’re betting you saw the job advertised, put in your CV and/or official application and waited for the call to invite you in for an interview


Katy Perry's five assistants go green

Another month and another tale of a celebrity showering their assistant with expensive presents, though this time it seems that there is an ulterior motive


British women fare badly for retirement

Last week we brought you the news that French workers are the least stressed in Europe and this week the news is that French women enjoy the longest retirement – while the UK’s females have one of the shortest in the west


Workers less stressed in France

Looking for a less stressful job? Then perhaps you might want to think not only about changing your role but also about moving to a different country!


Angelina Jolie's PA speaks out

Managing the life of your boss is hard enough – but imagine if your boss was Angelina Jolie? For PA Samantha Laidlaw working for the actress is all part of her routine


Breaking: Association of Personal Assistants closes

For many years PAs have had the support of The Association of Personal Assistants (APA) – an organisation set up to champion the role of PAs


All-Business Class Service launched

Qatar Airways is to become to first airline to introduce an all-Business Class service departing from London Heathrow


Looking for love this Valentine's Day?

Well perhaps the perfect partner is closer than you may think... as 39 per cent of workers admit to dating a colleague according to a survey from



Are you in the office today?

What we'd like to know is - where are you while you're reading this? Sitting in the office dilgently ploughing your way through your inbox... or at home curled up in bed with the TV on?


Meetings with the Royal seal of approval

Fancy really making an impact with your venue of choice for your next event? Well, how about hosting it at Buckingham Palace? You just might have the option in years to come


Have you enrolled your boss?


Clean up your inbox

Did you know that one hour per person is lost every working day due to ineffective email use – that adds up to an average of £4,200 per person, per year  in lost profits!


Britain's Airport carparks pricest in world

If you have a boss who regularly flies you may well be used to the hefty expense bill that lands on your desk after each flight – but now it’s been revealed that Britain has the highest airport parking fees in the world


Do you love your commute?

Is there anything that could make your job more enjoyable? More pay? More holiday? Or perhaps you agree with the results of a new survey that it’s the commuting making you miserable


We want Jennifer Hudson to be our boss!

As perks of being a PA go, the gift that Jennifer Hudson gave her loyal PA was a pretty impressive one!

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