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UK Meetings sector not yet matching needs of executive assistants

The peak UK professional body for the meetings and events industry The Meetings Industry Association (MIA), has partnered with Executive PA Media to find out more about the needs of executive assistants when organising and booking corporate events.

The  report is now available and has been published to coincide with the Meetings Show, which start today 13th June at Olympia London

Media Sales Executive Position


Due to expansion, the Executive PA Media UK team are looking to hire a new Media Sales Executive.

Warwick Conferences launches new digital campaign for The Slate


Warwick Conferences, the collection of meeting venues on the University of Warwick campus, has released an innovative fly-through video of its latest venue The Slate to highlight the venue’s potential when it comes to hosting creative and inspiring events that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Awards nominations close on July 31st



Nominations for the 2017 Executive PA Awards will be closing on the 31st of July

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In the first research for the meetings industry to exclusiverly connect with personal assistants, the peak UK professional body for the meetings and events industry The Meetings Industry Association, has partnered with Executive PA Media to find out more about your needs when organising and booking corporate events.

Executive PA Awards 2016 - Prize reviews


Executive PA Media heard from some of last year's winners about the experience they had when they took up their prize.

Productive Office Secrets

Office professionals work an average of 45 hours a week or more, but at least 17 of those hours are considered unproductive.

Daytime Exercise generates Positive Results

Research finds that busy office professionals who exercise during the day feel better and more productive.

We have hundreds of ways you can enhance your meetings at The Meetings Show!


Refresh and impress. Be inspired by over 700 meeting and conference venues, destinations and service suppliers, with three days of networking and over 80 education sessions.

Green Office Environments linked with Better Thinking

People who work in well-ventilated offices with below-average levels of indoor pollutants and carbon dioxide have significantly higher cognitive scores—in crucial areas such as responding to a crisis or developing strategy—than those who work in offices with typical levels.

Performance Review Peril

Business study shows office workers waste time and tears over performance reviews.

Would You Walk Out of this EA Interview?

Undergoing an interview for a new job is daunting. But are the requests asked of Executive PAs going a little too far?

Cut the Distracting Office Chatter

In an open plan office, talkative coworkers can be an unnecessary distraction. Here are few suggestions on how to approach the subject, without becoming Enemy Number 1 to your noisy colleague.

PA Accolade for Wisdom Book

A new book sharing knowledge gained from years on the job around the world wins recognition.

Hotel Room Workout

It’s tough to keep in shape. Harder still is doing so (or sticking with a routine) when you are on the road. If your hotel does not have a gym, you either take the risk of jogging in an unfamiliar area, or forgetting it altogether.

Technology Finally Explained

Can you think of any job in your office that doesn’t make use of a computer? Even the most mechanical of jobs requires the checking of rosters, contact details or locations generally stored in your phone at least. But what do you do when the IT guy coming to upgrade your workstation starts talking a language you simply don’t understand?

Quit the Cliches

If you are becoming tired of the corporate-speak being heard around the office, we have a new infographic to pin to the company notice board.

Hours Wasted waiting for Slow-Tech

Office workers waste more time on 'slow-tech' than they spend on holiday.


Security Update: Hacked email accounts being sold online

It’s unlikely that you have any official business accounts based on Gmail and Yahoo, but if you think you have nonetheless been affected, update your passwords immediately.

How the world sees your role

Every day, you work as an Executive Assistant, diplomat, host, gatekeeper, organiser, presentation builder and more. Does that differ worldwide?

The Happiest Workers in the World

March 20 is recognised as World Happiness Day. Most will say that consistently the citizens of Norway, Denmark or Switzerland are the happiest because of the famous World Happiness Report that the United Nations releases. Others, perhaps citing a different report on global emotions, will conclude that Latin Americans are the happiest people in the world. Who is right?



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Media Sales Executive Position



Due to expansion, the Executive PA Media UK team are looking to hire a new Media Sales Executive.

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