PA tips a bucket on the City

All the sordid affairs and 'manipulative' egos,  alleged romances and somewhat ungentlemanly behaviour.  


Nice to be noticed.

PAs make the management team 6% more efficient...or more.


The value behind how you work.

How you go about your work might be as valuable as what you do.


When life affects your work

The other side of the work/life balance equation, where stresses and pressures from our personal lives could be troubling our performance at work.


Top prize for our Top PA. Enter now.

2014 PA of the Year to win luxury stay in Abu Dhabi


Your online profile. A liability?

Does your online social profile match your professional persona? It’s worth doing an audit.


Mandela’s PA pens Tell-All book

There's plenty to be said within the pages of Good Morning, Mr Mandela. But should it be said?


Brooks' PA cleared

Cheryl Carter found not guilty in phone hacking case


EXCLUSIVE: Being Branson's PA

One of the best jobs in the world? We have an exclusive with Richard Branson's PA.


A second-tier city for your next event?

The option of booking an international city for your next conference can be made more affordable by seeking a 'second-tier' destination.


What makes an event successful?

A simple question posed on the internet with a twist. Only a one word answer was allowed.


Your boss has been booted? Here’s some advice.

All is not lost if your manager is ‘removed’. There is some good advice to follow.


Knowledge at No Cost

Further education costs time and money. Making time can be difficult, but as for the cost…well you might be surprised.


Google can 'forget' you...on request

A landmark EU Court ruling against Google means that you can request removal of information that reflects poorly against you or the people you work for. But, there are few hurdles to jump through.


PA Vs sexism row continues

It's been revealed that the PA who recently spoke out about sexist emails sent by her boss, Premier League boss Richard Scudamore, was replacing a PA who lasted mere weeks in the role


Stand by your boss?

What would you do if you found evidence that your boss was taking part in sexist behaviour? Blow the whistle or grit your teeth and carry on with your role?


What's the best reward you've received?

Being rewarded for hard work is great but how would you feel if your boss handed you some pots of honey or a voucher to get a tattoo as a thank you?


Would you help a co-worker in need?

French parliament has passed a law enabling workers to donate some of their annual leave to colleagues in need. Generous on the part of the co-workers, but does it let companies off the hook?


Game of Thrones PA to assist on game project

As PA jobs go being sent to help produce a game based on the hit TV show everyone is talking about sure beats being sent to pick up the dry cleaning and taking minutes at a meeting…


Should our Bank Holidays be moved?

We’ve just enjoyed two much-needed extra days off thanks to Easter and it’s only a matter of days before the next bank holiday at the start of May… but are our bank holidays too close together?

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