Open Plan is Not for Everyone.

Love it or loathe it, the open plan office trend is here to stay. Can the effect on productivity (good or bad) be properly measured?

Former PA to Nelson Mandela commits Twitter faux pas.

“Twenty years of walking one step behind Nelson Mandela and being the symbol of racial reconciliation have been wiped out in one lousy weekend of Twitter rants.” - BBC

"Busy" has become the new Black.

Removing "Busy" from your vocabulary can make you more productive.

It's Better Being a Morning Person.

If productivity before lunchtime isn't your thing, here's a chance to get in step with the rest of the office.

Alyssa Albertson’s easy ways to beat stress.

Is the tension in the office (real or imagined) already rearing its ugly head? Here are 11 random ideas to get you through the week.

Confidence NOW!

The Neuroscience of Confidence and how confidence can be learnt.

Not such a happy new year for one PA in Singapore.

Exploiting the position causes this PA to come unstuck and imprisoned.

Can a mere 6 questions identify and reduce stress in the office?

With stress being a drain on any organisation’s productivity, it’s removal can be measured on the bottom line.

The Waiting Game

How do you fill in that time when asked to wait?
Does it annoy you? Frustrate you? Or could you choose to use that time as a cognitive refresher?

Time to Take Responsibility

“I must do something” always solves more problems than “Something must be done” says Margot Andersen.

Get the Jump on Next Year’s Tech

What will be the social media and technology trends for 2015? Nicky Christmas gazes into her crystal ball and lines-up a few items to watch.

Zen and the art of the To-Do List

It’s simple and it might be the way you choose to launch into a new year of work.

Get started NOW! Beating Procrastination

Thinking that you’ll do it better if you do it later is rarely true.

Are you part of the problem?

How to recognise (and fix) if you are the human bottleneck in the office.

Managing when your Manager is AWOL

Whether you are remote working or finding yourself alone in the office more often, a few well reasoned suggestions can make the difference between remaining an effective PA or feeling left out of the loop.

Bouncing back from a lousy day.

Having a bad day? Waking up “on the wrong side of the bed” can make for a hideous time in the following hours. Melody Wilding writes about 5 ways you might be able to turn that frown upside down.

Worldwide online admin course.

Online video group’s course is designed to prepare you to earn the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master credential and add the achievement to your CV within just a few months.

Soft Skills That Make for a Great Assistant

“Though it can be a proving ground that opens doors to other positions, being a personal assistant to an executive or middle manager can also be a fulfilling career that is currently totally in vogue.” - Sharon Tsao, Huffington Post.

4 New Productivity Techniques to Try

Here are a few new productivity and task management techniques to help you be super productive without burning out. 

“…the property was put into my car by mistake…”

It sounds like a line that David Walliams might utter (as Sir Norman Fry) in Little Britain.

Too shy to network?

Being a PA means there are certain traits and skills that are assumed. Networking and the ability to communicate are two of them. But if those don’t come easy to you, this advice might get you over the line.



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