Did you miss Xero’s launch for iPad?

The popular accounting software has released a version of Xero for iOS that provides custom layouts for iPad.

Quit slouching at your desk…

…and 5 other things ruining your work day.

Working the Network

We know that networking is a major part of keeping up-to-date with trends and services that assist us with being efficient. But finding time to do so is sometimes impossible with the demands of day-to-day responsibilities. Here are some tips.

A Spot to Work Outside the Office

Cubefree finds cafes and other places to work.

Feeling Happy? Survey says you should be.

Teachers, gardeners and PAs are among those who most enjoy their jobs, according to The Guardian’s survey of surveys. 

Get Things Done by Choosing the Correct Due Date

Setting the right deadline might be the key to getting tasks started.

Worst Hotel Guests to be Named

In response to hotel appraisal websites where guests post what they really think about their accommodation, this hotel group is turning the tables.

Flying remains the Safest Form of Transport

Recent extensive media coverage of incidents highlight exceptions in an otherwise secure way to travel.

Workload Paralysis

The busier you get, the less work you seem to do. Sound familiar? There’s a fix for that.

Ending Over-Commitment

It’s possible to apply a simple formula in order to ensure you don’t overpack your day, according to the folks at Harvard.

Stop sighing over the incomplete jobs on the To-Do list.

Instead of looking at what you didn't get done on your list, here’s a few tips on how to evaluate your day. 

Motivating Lazy Colleagues

The job is hard enough without a member of the team hiding behind other ‘priorities’ to avoid the heavy lifting. But one simple invitation could change their engagement.

Achieving an effective result in a day too packed to progress

Determine the minimum you need to get done in a busy day to make a dent in the ‘to-do’ list.

Advice given to Execs about how to manage their PA

You may be privy to the information contained in your company’s manuals about how to achieve efficiency within the firm's workflow, but do you know what the business coaches are saying about managing PAs? Read on…

Make an instant customised resume from your LinkedIn Account

You should already know about LinkedIn’s resume builder, but this service allows for greater customisation.

30 Easy Ways to Lose an Arguement

Nobody actually “wins” an arguement, and the bad feelings it generates can make for a toxic environment. Any “win” is generally shallow. While you may just be having a good natured but fiery debate, here are 30 sure ways to come off second best.

Ways To Boost Your Memory at Work

Apparently, walking through doorways could be the catalyst for short term memory loss. Here are 7 easy ways to end workday forgetfulness.

Time to Declutter

Some PAs thrive in a cluttered environment. It’s how they work best. Others would love a tidy workspace, but have no time to declutter. Here’s a few tips to get you over the line.


Keeping Up

Here at Executive PA Magazine, we don't revolve in a world of celebrity gossip. But in the interest of keeping up appropriately with colleagues, we present this insight.

Train You Brain to be Calm in a Crisis

Succeed in the future by processing failure correctly.

Why some are more productive than others

Regardless of how hard you work, whether you live in the northern hemisphere or the southern, whether you are 10 years of age or 110, the fact remains, there are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Some days may seem longer than others, but the reality is no amount of effort can provide you with additional time.




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