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FINEST - 2017 Meetings & Events Showcase

We're very happy with our latest showcase. FINEST - Our 2017 handpicked selection of offerings and guides on regions and destinations to view at your leisure and available in Australia and the UK. 

Free Event Planning Checklist

“Organising is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”

- AA Milne

Over Achievers Might Be Toxic

Harvard Business School researchers have profiled toxic workers, analysing data from 50,000 employees at 11 companies, and their cost to a business can be irreparable. 

Announcement - New awards category - PA of the Year SCANDINAVIA

Calling all Scandinavia EAs and PAs. 

The world's oldest and largest awards for personal assistants now has a category for Scandinavia based PAs, who are all warmly invited to nominate and enter

Best Business Travel Tips

You might not be on the road very much, or some of your office colleagues might always be away. Whether you live out of a suitcase, or take trips now and again, here are some tips to make travel annoyances more bearable

The Email Sign-off that results in the Most Replies

No one wants to write an email to have it merely ignored. So what’s the best way to end your message that actually gets a response?

Shortcut List to Top Them All

We love sharing shortcuts here on the Executive PA Magazine website. This bumper crop of recently collated gems arrived via email, and it’s too good not to share.

High Demands on Hollywood PAs

Tintseltown’s Rob Lowe raised a few eyebrows (and readers’ blood pressure) when the job description for his personal PA recruitment was posted online.

Business Travel Trends for 2017

Just a month into the year and the travel trends for 2017 are already taking shape.

Warm Your Office to Improve Productivity

Irrespective of the season, blasting air conditioning doesn’t just run up energy bills, it may also be running up costs in lost worker productivity.

Declutter like an Expert

Already have a messy desk, and it’s only the end of January? Here are a few tips from a professional ‘declutterer’ to get your desk back in order.

How Your Day Vanishes

The average office worker spends 28 hours a week – or nearly 1500 hours a year - writing emails, searching for information and attempting to "collaborate" internally, 

Study says More Standing Required

More evidence suggests we should stand up for at least two hours a day and take regular walks while on the job to reduce the health risks associated with long periods of sitting.

International Business Customs

Doing business with other countries can be fraught with the danger of insulting the culture of the other party. How many of these expectations are still relevant today?


Steps to a Safer Office

Safety and health hazards exist on worksites filled with heavy machinery and equipment, but what about the overlooked hazards in your office?

Office Design affecting Productivity

Lack of private space in office design is restricting the creativity and productivity of workers, according to data from two international workplace studies.

Working Remotely

A wealth of studies, news articles, and corporate white papers offer an array of amazing stats about remote work and the many benefits telecommuting offers to employers and workers alike. Here are a few

What You Never Knew about Office Stationery

We admit that stationery isn’t the first thing to come to mind when thinking of interesting small talk. But the tools we use each day and take for granted do have some stories to tell about their origin.

Staying Motivated in the Office

There are many distractions at this time of year. So what are the best ways to stay motivated at work when your thoughts or priorities are elsewhere? Here are some tips.


2016 has flown by and our 2017 diaries are already filling up quickly.

However, it’s good to take a breath from time to time, sit back, take stock of achievements and celebrate.

In 2016 we connected with over 250,000 personal assistants, printed over 1000 pages of training & professional development and hosted over 30 dedicated Executive PA Magazine events all over the world.

Career Change Resume Must-Haves

With the year drawing to an end, perhaps you are thinking of what 2017 might bring? If a career or job change is waiting in the wings, here are a few tips to give your CV some extra punch.



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