Word your Email with Strength

Set a professional tone with a plug-in for Gmail users.

The Open Plan Office of the Future

Open plan offices have their disadvantages. While assisting with collaboration and teamwork, an open plan office can also cause plenty of distractions. Here’s just one possible solution.

Managing the multi-gen melting pot

Managing staff or sometimes working with colleagues can be a challenging concept at the best of times!

Fresh Air = Fresher Thinking

The quality of the air in your office can make a big difference to the quality of your work.

Beating Self Doubt at Decision Time

A picture says a thousand words. That’s why infographics are so popular right now. We love the ones that are hitting our inbox here at Executive PA Magazine. Here’s another to share with you.

Smashing the Glass Ceiling

What blocks the pipeline to female leadership? Should we merely blame having children and going on maternity leave? These events don’t need to have the career-halting effect that they sometimes do for some women.

Cost of Time Wasting Meetings

We hope that most meetings are good at moving projects and business forward. Here’s a way of calculating the real cost of a time-wasting meeting.

Excel at Excel

Love it or hate it, MS Excel is the standard when it comes to spreadsheets. It’s very difficult to avoid in the well-connected office. If you sometimes find it frustrating, this chart might make your day.

Thinking like Google

Occasionally, a much sought after employer of choice shares a gem from their internal communications which not only gives a glimpse inside their culture, but also contains a few productivity insights worth noting.

Workplace Predictions for the Year Ahead

At the International Workplace and Productivity Summit this month, it was predicted that up to 40% of the enterprise workforce would be “demerged, un-bundled and outsourced over the next two decades”.  The top 5 workplace trends were also identified. 

First Reader Event of 2016

A select group of Executive PA Magazine readers were invited to come together and celebrate the start of the New Year with Twickenham Experience.

For the full article and for more information on Twickenham Experience for meetings, events and hospitality, check out the event review here.



Get Things Done with just a Notebook and a Pen

This could be ‘the new black’ for office professionals. Leaving all that tech behind (well, really just some of it) and applying an age old method in our modern world might be the trend for 2016.

When Distraction can mean Productivity

Admittedly it might seem like an ‘alternate universe’ concept, but in a world where being ‘clever’ can pay big dividends, taking distraction time could bring your day’s work to quicker completion.

4 Minutes to Learn something New

Time is short, so here’s an easy app that teaches you something new in just 4 minutes flat.

Find a fun way to make your New Years Resolution


Is it ever worth making a new year’s resolution? Better yet, have you ever been able to keep one? Psychologists suggest making the resolution fun gives you a better chance at keeping it.

When Image is Everything…

…even when you have no time to think about it. Image Consultant Janette Ishiyama shares her ideas on how to retain your sense of style, even when on the non-stop end-of-year treadmill.

The Desk of a Productivity Guru

The PA’s job is all about productivity. In fact it’s all about other people’s productivity. We found a collection of productivity gurus’ best tips for starting the new year super organised.

Listen and Learn

We’re told we have two ears, but just one mouth, for good reason. Here are a few ways to improve how we listen, and be more responsive, in a conversation.

Keeping Focus as the Year Ends

It’s easy to get distracted in these final days of 2015. Elizabeth Grace Saunders shares some ideas to stay almost laser sharp.

Is Constructive Criticism really Constructive?

Feedback that reflects a poor a performance can be an awkward exchange. Rather than being a positive experience, it can otherwise feel like a reprimand. This advice can work for both parties.

Time to Watch and Learn

You’re probably pretty good and making lists and making progress to meet a goal, right? Here’s a 90 second video to see if you’re technique is a winner.



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