30 Easy Ways to Lose an Arguement

Nobody actually “wins” an arguement, and the bad feelings it generates can make for a toxic environment. Any “win” is generally shallow. While you may just be having a good natured but fiery debate, here are 30 sure ways to come off second best.

Ways To Boost Your Memory at Work

Apparently, walking through doorways could be the catalyst for short term memory loss. Here are 7 easy ways to end workday forgetfulness.

Time to Declutter

Some PAs thrive in a cluttered environment. It’s how they work best. Others would love a tidy workspace, but have no time to declutter. Here’s a few tips to get you over the line.


Keeping Up

Here at Executive PA Magazine, we don't revolve in a world of celebrity gossip. But in the interest of keeping up appropriately with colleagues, we present this insight.

Train You Brain to be Calm in a Crisis

Succeed in the future by processing failure correctly.

Why some are more productive than others

Regardless of how hard you work, whether you live in the northern hemisphere or the southern, whether you are 10 years of age or 110, the fact remains, there are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Some days may seem longer than others, but the reality is no amount of effort can provide you with additional time.


The Myth of the Sentence-Ending Preposition

Unacceptably ending a sentence in a preposition is one of the top ten grammar myths, according to Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty.


Tough Tasks asked of a Hollywood PA

One of my bosses asked me over the phone, quite sincerely, “Where am I?"

25 Years, 1 Boss.

It took 17 interviews before Cisco’s CEO finally found the right candidate. And she has stuck with him for 2 and a half decades.

Do you Manage both “Up” and “Down”?

The author of The New Executive Assistant writes about what it takes to be a successful executive assistant, and what other employees can learn from these masters of "managing up". 

This PA changed a life.

“I think the role of ‘chief of staff’ is a much more accurate description of what I have seen executive assistants do in other advisory firms and in our firm.”

Open Plan is Not for Everyone.

Love it or loathe it, the open plan office trend is here to stay. Can the effect on productivity (good or bad) be properly measured?

Former PA to Nelson Mandela commits Twitter faux pas.

“Twenty years of walking one step behind Nelson Mandela and being the symbol of racial reconciliation have been wiped out in one lousy weekend of Twitter rants.” - BBC

"Busy" has become the new Black.

Removing "Busy" from your vocabulary can make you more productive.

It's Better Being a Morning Person.

If productivity before lunchtime isn't your thing, here's a chance to get in step with the rest of the office.

Alyssa Albertson’s easy ways to beat stress.

Is the tension in the office (real or imagined) already rearing its ugly head? Here are 11 random ideas to get you through the week.

Confidence NOW!

The Neuroscience of Confidence and how confidence can be learnt.

Not such a happy new year for one PA in Singapore.

Exploiting the position causes this PA to come unstuck and imprisoned.

Can a mere 6 questions identify and reduce stress in the office?

With stress being a drain on any organisation’s productivity, it’s removal can be measured on the bottom line.

The Waiting Game

How do you fill in that time when asked to wait?
Does it annoy you? Frustrate you? Or could you choose to use that time as a cognitive refresher?

Time to Take Responsibility

“I must do something” always solves more problems than “Something must be done” says Margot Andersen.



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