Bigger events = bigger challenges…maybe…

A producer of international star-studded concerts and events has a very different view of producing extravaganzas for the corporate market.

The boss has gone. Here are your options

After resigning, if your boss was the linchpin holding your team together, what direction should you take before making any further decisions about your future with the firm?

Grandma’s Grammar

Sometimes it’s OK to end a sentence with a preposition (as reported in a previous post), but is confusing “who” and “whom” forgivable?

Find Free Wi-Fi

The much loved app for iPhone and iPad now locates free Wi-Fi for Android users.

Commit with a firm “YES” or just say “No”.

The next time you’re considering whether to add something to your schedule, if your answer isn’t along the lines of “Absolutely”, then say “No”.

School's Not Out

Education is the currency of success. For that reason, continuing education means PAs and EAs keep up-to-date with industry trends and expectations in a busy and demanding role.

Betty’s Time Saving Habits

Betty Liu decided to stop having sugar in her coffee as a way of saving a few seconds in her day (…putting cup down, spooning in sugar, stirring…). It sounds rather extreme, but the philosophy behind it led to her personal perspective on saving time.

Solving the gender wage gap

Ellen Pao has been making headlines this week. As the interim CEO of Reddit, she has now put a stop to salary negotiations at the social news-sharing site, in order to eradicate the gender wage gap. Now it’s a ‘take-it-or-leave-it' salary amount.

Stop texting and sit-up straight…Now!

Here's what texting really does to your spine.

GMail’s UNDO SEND now set in stone

When you push that SEND button, do you ever have a change of heart? Now Gmail has an answer for that.

Keynote speakers now face a bigger challenge.

While we expect audience members to switch their phones to ‘silent’ when attending a conference session, a new emerging trend is making the role of the guest presenter more difficult.

Remember the goal setting rules

Setting a vague goal in your mind without any follow-up is the surest way to fall short of accomplishing what you want. Here are 4 simple strategies leading to effective goals setting.

Desk Job/Bad Habits

Do any of these sound familiar? Changing a few simple things in your work routine might drastically improve your career-long wellness and productivity. 

The Simple Way to Kick Start your Day

If you start your day without direction, you can waste time from the start. Just a single note could get your daily productivity underway. 

Introverted? Here's how to connect

Seven simple questions that move conversations from chitchat into relationship building.

Too many jobs, so little time

Many PAs feel like they have a crushing number of requests coming at them from every side that make them a victim to their circumstances. Here’s 3 tips to help you stop playing the victim with your time.

2015 PA of the Year to stay at the Pyramids

2015 PA of the Year will to stay by the Pyramids in luxury resort.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Stevie Phillips worked as the personal assistant to stage and screen actress Judy Garland in the 1960s, responsible for getting her to shows on time. She witnessed the best and worst of her bizarre behaviour.

A mid-morning slump fixed with a quick glance

A recent study shows that a quick look at a grassy green scene for only 40 seconds markedly boosts concentration. 

Keep your words positive

Honest communication can be confronting. It’s not always what colleagues want to hear, but to be successful it’s always necessary.

Just 7 minutes could change your work day

Using this routine to start your day at the office will apparently make a ‘world of difference’ to your productivity, your attitude, your success, and your health. Take a look.



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