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Shortcuts to Shorten your Day

Never thought you could learn anything new? We found the ultimate guide to shortcuts on your keyboard, irrespective of the type of computer.

Win a New Year detox with Booking.com for Business

Helping you take the hassle out of business travel booking with the largest selection of places to stay anywhere in the world.

Adding Plants to your Work Space

Having plants and flowers around your office doesn’t just brighten your workplace, it has also been shown to bring a range of psychological benefits to you and your colleagues.

Travel Predictions for 2017

Inspired by a wealth of data, traveller endorsements, reviews, preferences and insights, the experts shed light on major travel predictions for 2017.


Rating Your Own Success

How much do you value your own potential? Here are the reasons why you should be your own greatest fan.

In Flight Fashion

This guide includes airport and plane-friendly clothes to wear depending on whether you are travelling from warm to cool climates, vice versa or even across warm and cool destinations.

Listen to that Written Report on the Drive Home

Text to Speech features on smartphones are becoming more and more popular. Are you using it to improve your productivity?

Excel with MS Excel

Recently we posted an infographic featuring MS Word shortcuts and tips. Now, here’s the same thing for Excel which you can print and pin to your workstation.

Meaningful Questions While Networking

Time is short. There are deadlines to meet. But networking is an important part of any working person’s life. How do you make the most of it in a short period of time?

Managing Difficult People

You can try to do a psychological analysis of why someone appears obstructive and unhelpful, or try a few of these techniques to manoeuvre around the difficulties.

Better Google searches using these Tips

Google is great, and it’s rare to find anybody using a different search engine. But do you know all the tricks a Google search can perform?

The Grammar Nanna Strikes Again

Loose vs Lose, Affect vs Effect. Here’s a quick guide to the most common English language grammatical errors.

Great Tips for Better Business Presentations

It’s likely because you’re a great PA, people assume you are great at everything. But how are your business presentation skills? 

Reminder: MS Word short-cuts to shorten your day

Use these 8 MS Word short cuts to become an MS Office star, most of which you should already know.

Fall back in love with your Job

Filling your to-do list with nothing but daily action items is making it easier for you to fall out of love with your work. Here’s an approach to turn that around.

Stand Out on LinkedIn

The leading ‘social network’ for ‘grown-ups’ is great for making contacts and for recruitment. But is your online profile living up to your followers’ expectations?

Managing Sick Days

Sometimes it's hard not to feel guilty when you really are too sick to travel to work, but there is still plenty of work to get done at the office.

TECH UPDATE: Google integrates Maps, Calendar and Contacts

An update to Google Maps on Android integrates your Google Calendar events and Google contacts into Google Maps.


2016 Executive PA Magazine Awards Finalists Announced!

After hundreds of nominations, we are proud to present the finalists for the Executive PA Magazine Awards 2016.

It Should Not be about your Attire. But Sometimes It Is

Fashion can be superficial, but ‘dress-code’ is often integral to expectations in the workplace. Is your attire acceptable? A few designers have their say.

LinkedIn reveals new Engagement Plans

Expect better and more appropriate content on LinkedIn’s newsfeed, and an improved messaging system.  LinkedIn has recently launched new technology and products aimed at having us stay on its site for longer, as well as helping to make us more productive.



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