Exactly what you need in your carry-on

With the extra costs of baggage when travelling internationally or locally, here’s a neat little formula for choosing the best why to pack a ‘carry-on’ with just the right amount of clothes.

Is it time to get Slack?

“Not in a generation has a new tool been adopted more quickly by a wider variety of businesses or with such joy.”

What people know about you, even before you speak

Psychologists at Princeton University conducted a study of university students who were shown images of people and were asked their first impressions. The students made judgment calls in less than a second. Even when given more time, the initial impression remained the same.

App for Career Advice

Wondering what it’s like to work in a different field? There’s an App for that! Real Talk is a compilation of stories and interviews with people working in diverse industry sectors.

Check Your Credentials

You might keep your email account safe, diligently changing your password every so often to keep the hackers off your tail. But what about those sites where you use your email address as your User ID? Have they ever been hacked?

No Argument from Us

Here’s an article to wave in front of those who really don’t understand the job you do. And it wasn’t even written by us.

The Miracle of a Micro-Break

It’s true to say that in each hour, we take a few minutes away from our actual paid work to take and breath and ‘refresh’ before stepping back into the  job at hand. There’s evidence to suggest the perfect way to quickly jump-start into the next item on the To-Do list.

End those Web Surfing Distractions

Take a Five lets you set a time limit when you visit a website…and then kicks you off.

Managing Email Better

Is replying to email your first port-of-call in the morning? You might be getting this process wrong.

Oh No! We use too many words!

Given English’s habit of ‘stealing’ many words from other languages, it might make sense that we use too many words when writing. “Word economy” is the buzz in our Twitter-era generation. 

Life Assisting a Celebrity

Did you see Beyonce diss her assistant this past week? On the red carpet, her assistant adjusted Beyonce’s dress to make sure everything was in place, which also also meant concealing her from view. Just one camera caught her saying “stop it!”


Tough Problem to Solve? Take a break

We are often expected to solve any problem quickly. But giving more brain space to an issue might actually slow down the path to an exceptional solution.

2015 Executive PA Magazine Awards Highlights

The 2015 Executive PA Magazine Awards was held at 116 Pall Mall - home of the Institute of Directors.

Fight Your Self Doubt

It can be your worst enemy. Not fully believing in yourself can undermine your full potential and beat you down before you even get started. Here is one expert’s idea on how to rise above your self doubt.

Spreadsheet Templates for Work and Life

There are many EAs and PAs who are Excel gurus. For those who aren’t, we’ve found a great place to find the templates you need.

Amazing office fitouts

You will either love this or hate this. Photos of 10 of the best office spaces have been shared online. Does your work environment compare well? 

Why being Disruptive works

Whitney Johnson is the author of Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work. Here she shares 5 good reasons on why it’s good to disrupt yourself.


Make those first few seconds count

When someone meets us for the first time, their impression of us is determined in the first few seconds. New studies have made some startling discoveries. 


Leading as a PA

Do you possess the qualities needed to lead teams and inspire those around you? Some leaders are “born”, most are not.

Solution to the Toxic Office Pest

Toxic people are a productivity killer. They create negativity, derive satisfaction from creating chaos and create unnecessary complexity, strife, and stress.



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Eat and Drink and be Zizzi this Christmas

The friendly service, delicious Italian food and the prime locations make Zizzi the perfect place for good friends and family to come together and have a great time. 

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1980's Colorado Mountain Fun Comes To The City

On Thursday 3rd December 2015, The Social Experiences Club are inviting a select number of PAs to enjoy an exclusive evening of brilliant theatre, entertainment, food, drink, 

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