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Executive PA Magazine Awards 2014

The Executive PA Magazine Awards have 5 categories.. Each category has a winner and 2 runner ups so there are fifteen opportunities.
All finalists are invited to the awards gala dinner event on Wednesday 8th October. Finalists all receive 2 free tickets to this event where they can receive full recognition for their achievements.

PA of The Year
The ultimate recognition for a PA. Submissions need to demonstrate a strong case, showing dedication, ability and a highly professional approach to their vocation. Your nomination should provide a detailed explanation for your reasons for nomination including clear examples of outstanding performance and aptitude. Bosses, colleagues and HR departments can make nominations, and we strongly encourage PAs to nominate themselves.  You must have been working as a PA for at least four years to qualify for this category.

Newcomer of the Year 
Have you got a bright future? If so we want to hear about you. The submission will need to explain what makes the entrant special and a short case study should be included demonstrating the entrant's outstanding potential. This category is open to PAs who have been in the role for no more than four years. Nominate yourself or a colleague. Nominations from Personnel departments are welcome.

Employer of the Year
Does your employer know how to look after and develop administration and secretarial personnel? Companies can get it right and if your employer is on track we would like to know about it. The submission will need to provide examples of how your organisation supports staff on both a personal and vocational level, with information on career development, training and HR policies. Employees can make nominations and we strongly recommend Personnel departments to submit nominations.

Boss of the Year
Is your boss the best? If so let us know about it. Nominations will need to illustrate a strong working relationship between you and your boss, and some examples that show your boss is truly the best. Nominations from senior PAs only please. 

Best Organised Event by a PA
Judges will be looking for submissions that demonstrate how a PA rose to the challenge of organising and executing a well-conceived and successful event. Perhaps there were logistical issues to overcome or perhaps the PAs brought their own creative flair and talent to the event to create something very special. Nominate yourself or a colleague. Nominations from venues are welcome. 


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