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Exactly what you need in your carry-on

With the extra costs of baggage when travelling internationally or locally, here’s a neat little formula for choosing the best why to pack a ‘carry-on’ with just the right amount of clothes.

Is it time to get Slack?

“Not in a generation has a new tool been adopted more quickly by a wider variety of businesses or with such joy.”

What people know about you, even before you speak

Psychologists at Princeton University conducted a study of university students who were shown images of people and were asked their first impressions. The students made judgment calls in less than a second. Even when given more time, the initial impression remained the same.


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Sep/Oct 2015

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Eat and Drink and be Zizzi this Christmas

The friendly service, delicious Italian food and the prime locations make Zizzi the perfect place for good friends and family to come together and have a great time. 

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Event Diary

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1980's Colorado Mountain Fun Comes To The City

On Thursday 3rd December 2015, The Social Experiences Club are inviting a select number of PAs to enjoy an exclusive evening of brilliant theatre, entertainment, food, drink, 

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