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Ways To Boost Your Memory at Work

Apparently, walking through doorways could be the catalyst for short term memory loss. Here are 7 easy ways to end workday forgetfulness.

Time to Declutter

Some PAs thrive in a cluttered environment. It’s how they work best. Others would love a tidy workspace, but have no time to declutter. Here’s a few tips to get you over the line.


Keeping Up

Here at Executive PA Magazine, we don't revolve in a world of celebrity gossip. But in the interest of keeping up appropriately with colleagues, we present this insight.


Reader Recommended Venues



Jan-Feb 2015

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Executive PA Annual Awards

Get involved as we continue to celebrate the critical role of the modern PA throughout the world. Follow @PAoftheYear for up to the minute news.

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116 Pall Mall Wedding Open Day

 On Sunday 15 March 116 Pall Mall  is opening its doors to couples, friends and families, deciding on their perfect wedding venue.

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